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Welcome San Diego Gamers
We are just starting this site, and hoping that more interested gamers in the San Diego/Southern California area will join us in support of Gaming. The site focuses, but is not limited to, Dungeons & Dragons. We hope you find the site useful and informative as we strive to bring gaming back to the S.D./SoCal area!
Loudmouth the Bard Says:
***5-14-02 Tiny cracks in the irridescent egg shell began to form, the thick walls of distance began to crumble and communication began to break through -- a new site was born!

***6-1-02 Be it known to all geeks, fans, zealots and overdramatic orcs: It is served as a reminder that this coming June 1st is National Gamer Day. Wear a t-shirt that states your gaming affiliation or just buy one of those "Kiss me I'm a Gamer" shirts that are so popular in shopping malls these days! Above all, have fun and celebrate the fact that seperates us from the rest of the world: We are more concerned with having fun than with the appearance of being cool.
A DM's Work is Never Done!
Show your DM your appreciation by helping in between sessions and suggesting to each player to help foot the pizza & mountain dew bill during sessions. Hey, without a DM, we'd be masterless Ronin.

Recent Gnomish Inventions
So far the gnomes have only been found drunk or busy in corners with themselves, but we're sure that Stonebeard the taskmaster will have them at work soon!
Feel like being a gnome-driver?

The High Council
We are not the only Gaming experts, please feel free to add your comments, suggestions or questions!
Flap yer Gums!