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Yes, there are OTHER sites out there....
A few sites have caught the Council's attention and have been deemed worthy of display. Should any of our minions or prospective minions have any other suggestions, we would be glad to consider any other links. We beleive that as long as gaming is furthered by providing links, our job has been made easier.

These poor souls tried the link www.suck_my_soul_into_oblivion.org and don't seem to be very satisfied customers...

A few of the larger mines
AltaVista Hey they threw this one in as a bonus with the site!
Lycos No matter how many times you use this search engine, Anna is NOT going to take off any clothes!
Yahoo! One of the council favorites, this site is versatile and powerful, kind of like a ninja warrior...
Wizards of the Coast Considered by some to be the authority on D&D Gaming, although we prefer the magic eightball.

Favorite Sites
Tamerthya Large and well-detailed site encompassing many RPG systems and a home-brew campaign.
RPG Host Many links, resources and such to help out struggling DM's and players!
100 RPG Links If nothing else, go here
ADND Downloads A cool dowload site
Wheel Of Time Site dedicated to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series and the fantastic RPG behind it.
Rant & Rave here! Ever wanted to rant or rave about D&D, gaming or...well...anything at all? Do it here (or out of earshot)
RIFTS We know there are a few of you out there and this is one of the most comprehensive RIFTS rules sites we've seen.
Palladium Center for Palladium Books ordering and it also contains a killer links database for all things Palladium, which can easilly be adapted to whatever game you play.
Universal Use!!!! A directory for the Fuzion system, which is similar to GURPS, in that it can be adapted to any setting or role-playing genre.