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The SD Gamers Council
We do not consider ourselves the authority on gaming in the San Diego area, but we must admit we have a lot of combined experience and knowledge.
Boasting several years of gaming history, the council consists of 12 members sitting in administration with our current number of members at ... well, you didn't think we'd give away all of our secrets THAT easy, did you? We are starting out small but, rest assured, we are growing in number and activity. We seek to raise awareness of gamers in the SD area and to bring them together to share in the most enjoyable gaming sessions possible. This isn't just a boy's club, all are welcome and all are wanted - from the hack n' slasher to the overdramatic actor. All that is asked in return for your membership is that you spread the word to all gamers in the area that you know. To find out more, continue browsing this site or contact the council directly.

A Sage's View of the Council
Started in the middle of September 2001, the council began a long and arduous journey toward raising the awareness of other gamers in the San Diego area that gaming is alive, well and thriving. The council knew they had a daunting task in front of them, none of them being webmasters, only one having any network experience and one who thought that hypertext was "a book written really, really really fast." Through much pizza and Mountain Dew consumption, an un-named group of players suddenly stumbled upon an idea. The event is recorded here:

Player 1: Dude, pass me a slice of anchovy and pineapple.

Player 2: Here you go. Man, I wish there were more fanatics out there like us.

DM: There probably are, but you got us kicked out of the Dragon's Keep. So much for posting campaign notices...

P2: Good job ! ::Throws dice at :: You had to make a big stink about 'Return of the Hyper-Undead Blood Demon.'

P1: ::mouth still full of food:: [mumble mumble mumble]

Player 3 - to DM: We're still playing, right? Are the Devil Slugs in sight yet?

P2: Site? That's a great idea! We could make a website! Brilliant!

P1: Please no more jokes about the hypertext thing again...

The group brainstormed for several more hours and in just a few months, the DM motivated Player 3 to make a website. Soon after, the gods were pleased with them and they were removed from the prime material plane and placed on the elemental plane of Pastrami,Bacon and Anchovy Pizza.

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